The hackathon will begin on March 20th 10 AM and submissions will be due on March 21st 12PM


PackHacks is open to both high school and college students. High school students will compete only against each other. Team sizes can be as small or as large as possible but prizes will be given in a single set of 4. We will not provide international shipping but international students are welcome.

Submission Requirements

Contestants will need to have started  and ended their project during the time frame. We will also be requiring a video that is at most five minutes. The application code must also be public in a repository and not be previously used in other hackathons.

Prizes & Winner Selection

Prizes will be given in sets of four for every track except the individual competitive programing tracks which will be solo. Only one prize will be given for each of the competitive programming tracks. 

Prizes for Each of the Categories is as follows:

Path      College Debt (Data Set)   Solving College           Solving Highschool    Competitive Programming

First          Oculus Quest             Holly Stone Drones           FitBit Charge 4                      iPad Air

Second        PowerBanks            Bluetooth Speakers   RocketBook Notebooks     Rasberry Pi Starter kit